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Shrewsbury and the School
The town of Shrewsbury is in the situated in the county of Shropshire in the West Midlands region of England. It dates back to about 800AD has a fine collection of old buildings including a castle built from local red sandstone. The name comes from the Old English ‘Scrobbesbyrig’.
There is little doubt that the most famous ‘Old Boy’ of Shrewsbury School is Mr Charles Darwin, the famous naturalist. He attended Shrewsbury in 1818 before heading off to Edinburgh to train as a doctor. Darwin did not finish his medical training and as we all know, he went went on to spend several years exploring on HMS Beagle before eventually producing is famous work ‘On the Origin of Species’.
Among the old buildings you will find those that formed the original Shrewsbury School, founded in 1552 by royal charter under King Edward VI. The school outgrew its original site and moved to current spacious site on Kingsland in 1882.
It is less well known that Darwin’s grandson, Sir Charles Galton Darwin was a physicist of some repute. He studied under Rutherford and Bohr as a postgraduate and worked on the Manhattan Project. He later became director of the National Physical Laboratory.
The Main School Building
Top Common
The Main School Building, School House and Darwin statue
The town from the School Bank The town
Cricket by the Chapel
The Alington Hall
Kingsland Hall
A Physics Laboratory
The Peterson Room
The Physics and Chemistry Building
An IT Room